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Hard Drive Tools

HDD Erase

The program I'm high-lighting here is HDD Erase or (a.k.a.) Hard Disk Drive Erase. It downloads as a compressed .ZIP folder that contains various files, including an .EXE and an .ISO Image. This Program destroys data, permanently. If you forget to back-up some data, like maybe your favorites, they are gone. That is extremely important to remember! HDDErase is an older program, but still gets the job done. If your BIOS does not allow the setting of a secure Hard Drive Password, HDDErase will not run. Unfortunately, most newer BIOSs don't allow the setting of a HD Password. To use HDDErase download and extract the contents of Then you can burn a CD, make a bootable floppy or a bootable USB Key. After burning the Disc make sure the Computer is set to boot from the CD\DVD Drive. This can be accomplished through the BIOS or by selecting the "Boot Menu" (F12 for most) at POST and then choosing the Drive where the HDDErase Disc is located. When HDDErase boots it'll present the User with a custom Windows 98 Start-up Menu. When HDDErase boots it'll present the User with a custom Windows 98 Start-up Menu. The first selection is the most compatible, but you can try the other selections if it fails to boot. Once HDDErase starts it'll goto a Command Prompt. At the Command Prompt >>> type-in "hdderase" >>> then "Enter". The User will be presented with a couple of Warning Screens. Then you can Select the Hard Drive you wish to erase >>> at the Options Menu type-in "1" >>> then "Enter". HDDErase will now start erasing the selected Drive. Once the Hard Drive has been erased you can re-boot into your Operating System Disc or create and format a new partition.

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