tk Computer Service

Keyboard Shortcuts

Microsoft Word

Alt + Space Bar= View the Control Menu

Alt + F1= Select Next Document Element\Object

Alt + Shift + F1= Select Previous Document Element\Object

Alt + Shift + F2= View the Save As Menu

Alt + F3= Create AutoText from Selected

Alt + F4= Quit Word

Alt + F6= Move Between Open Documents\Menus

Alt + F7= Move to Next Misspelling

Alt + F8= View the Macro Menu

Alt + F9= Switch Between All Fields and their Results

Alt + Shift + F9= Run GOTOBUTTON\MACROBUTTON from Field Results

Alt + F10= Maximize the Program Window

Alt + Shift + F10= View the Smart Tag Menu

Alt + F11= View the VBE (visual basic editor)

Alt + Shift + F11= View the MSE (MS script editor)

Alt + (character code)= Inserts the UniCode Character

Alt + Ctrl + . (period)= Insert an Ellipsis

Alt + Shift + C= Remove Split from the Document Window

Alt + Shift + D= Insert the Date (**\**\****)

Alt + Shift + L= Insert a LISTNUM

Alt + Shift + P= Insert the PAGENUM

Alt + Shift + T= Insert the TIME

Alt + Shift + T= Insert the TIME

Alt + Ctrl + C= Insert a Copyright Symbol

Alt + Ctrl + D= Insert a Endnote

Alt + Ctrl + F= Insert a Footnote

Alt + Shift + I= Mark a Table of Authorities Citation

Alt + Shift + O= Mark a Table of Contents Entry

Alt + Ctrl + O= Switch to Outline View

Alt + Ctrl + P= Switch to Print Layout

Alt + Shift + R= Copy the Previously Used Header\Footer

Alt + Ctrl + R= Insert a Registered Trademark Symbol

Alt + Ctrl + S= Split the Document Window

Alt + Ctrl + T= Insert a Trademark Symbol

Alt + Ctrl + Y= Repeat Last Find

Alt + X= View the UniCode for the Selected Character

Alt + Shift + X= Mark an Index Entry

Alt + Ctrl + Z= Switch Between Open Documents\Switch Between Document Sections

Shift + F3= View the Insert Function Menu

Shift + F8= Reduce Size of Current Selection

Ctrl + Backspace= Delete One Word to the Left

Ctrl + Delete= Delete One Word to the Right

Ctrl + Enter= Insert a Page Break

Ctrl + End= Move to the End of the Last Page of a Document

Ctrl + Shift + End= Extends Selection form Cursor to the End of Document

Ctrl + Home= Move to the Beginning of the First Page of a Document

Ctrl + Shift + Home= Extends Selection form Cursor to the Beginning of Document

Ctrl + Page Down= Move to Top of Next Page

Ctrl + Shift + Page Down= Selects the Current and Next Worksheet

Ctrl + Page Up= Move to Top of Previous Page

Ctrl + Shift + Page Up= Selects the Current and Previous Worksheet

Ctrl + Space Bar= Remove Formatting\Revert

Ctrl + Tab= Move Focus Forward Among Open Elements\Insert Tab

Ctrl + Shift + Tab= Move Focus Backward Among Open Elements

Ctrl + Arrow Key= Move a Whole Word\Section in that Direction

Ctrl + Shift + Arrow Key= Extends Selection a Whole Word\Section in that Direction

Ctrl + Shift + <= Decrease Font Size

Ctrl + Shift + >= Increase Font Size

Ctrl + F1= Display\Hide Task Pane: Toggle

Ctrl + F2= Display\Hide Print Preview: Toggle

Ctrl + F3= Cut Selected to the Spike

Ctrl + Shift + F3= Paste Contents of the Spike

Ctrl + F4= Close Selected Document\Window

Ctrl + F5= Restore Window Size of Selected Document\Window

Ctrl + Shift + F5= Edit a Bookmark

Ctrl + F6= Move to Next Document Window

Ctrl + Shift + F6= Move to Previous Document Window

Ctrl + Shift + F7= Refresh\Update Linked Information

Ctrl + F9= Insert a Field

Ctrl + Shift + F9= Unlink a Field

Ctrl + F10= Maximize the Child\Document Window

Ctrl + F11= Lock a Field

Ctrl + Shift + F11= Unlock a Field

Ctrl + F12= View Open Menu

Ctrl + Shift + F12= View Print Menu

Ctrl + ]= Increase Font Size

Ctrl + [= Decrease Font Size

Ctrl + (+)= Applies Subscript Font Formatting

Ctrl + -= Delete

Ctrl + A= Select Entire Document\Region

Ctrl + Shift + A= Capital Font Formatting: Toggle (2)

Ctrl + B= Apply\Remove Bold Formatting: Toggle

Ctrl + C= Copy Selected Text\Object

Ctrl + Shift + C= Copy Formatting

Ctrl + C + C= View the Clipboard Sidebar

Ctrl + D= View Font Formatting Menu

Ctrl + Shift + D= Double-Underline Selected Characters

Ctrl + E= Center Paragraph

Ctrl + F= View the Find\Replace Menu
(focus on the find tab)

Ctrl + Shift + F= Switch Focus to Font Menu

Ctrl + G= View the Go To Page Menu

Ctrl + H= View the Find\Replace Menu
(focus on the replace tab)

Ctrl + Shift + H= Apply Hidden Text Format

Ctrl + I= Apply\Remove Italic Formatting: Toggle

Ctrl + J= Justify Paragraph

Ctrl + K= View Insert Hyperlink Menu\Edit Hyperlink

Ctrl + Shift + K= Format as Small Capitals

Ctrl + L= Left Align Paragraph

Ctrl + M= Indent Paragraph

Ctrl + Shift + M= Remove Paragraph Indent

Ctrl + N= View Create New Document Menu

Ctrl + O= View the Open Document Menu

Ctrl + Shift + O= Select Cells Containing Comments

Ctrl + P= View the Print Menu

Ctrl + Shift + P= Switch Focus to Font Size Menu

Ctrl + Q= Remove Paragraph Formatting

Ctrl + Shift + Q= Change Selected to Symbol Font

Ctrl + R= Right Align Paragraph

Ctrl + S= Save

Ctrl + T= Create Hanging Indent

Ctrl + Shift + T= Reduce Hanging Indent

Ctrl + U= Apply\Remove Underlining: Toggle

Ctrl + V= Paste Cut\Copied Text\Object

Ctrl + Shift + V= Apply Copied Format

Ctrl + Alt + V= View the Paste Special Menu

Ctrl + W= Close Document

Ctrl + Shift + W= Underline Characters not Spaces

Ctrl + X= Cut Selected Text\Object

Ctrl + Y= Repeat\Redo

Ctrl + Z= Undo

Ctrl + Shift + Z= Undo\Redo Last Automatic Correction

Ctrl + 0 (zero)= Add\Remove One Line Space Preceding a Paragraph

Ctrl + 1= Set to Single-Space Lines

Ctrl + 2= Set to Double-Space Lines

Ctrl + 3= Apply\Remove Italic Formatting: Toggle

Ctrl + 4= Apply\Remove Underlining: Toggle

Ctrl + 5= Set to 1.5 Spaced Lines

Ctrl + 6= Display\Hide Objects and Object Placeholder: Toggle

Ctrl + 8= Display\Hide Outline Symbols: Toggle

Ctrl + 9= Hide Selected Row\s

Arrow Keys= Expand or Collapse Submenu\Move One Space in Any Direction

End= Move to the End of a Line\Select Last Command of a Menu

Shift + End= Move Selection from the Cursor to the Beginning of a Line\Select First Command of a Menu

Enter\Space Bar= Perform the Selected Button\Menu Item

Shift + Enter= Insert a Line Break

Esc= Cancel an Action\Closes Open Menu

Home= Move to the Beginning of a Line\Select First Command of a Menu

Shift + Home= Move Selection from the Cursor to the Beginning of a Line\Select First Command of a Menu

Page Down= Move One Screen Down in a Document

Page Up= Move One Screen Up in a Document

Tab= Create Indent\Moves Up Down Menu Item\Move to Next Cell

Shift + Tab= Removes Indent\Moves Up One Menu Item\Move to Previous Cell

F1= View Help Menu

Shift + F1= Reveal Formatting for Selected

F2= Move Selected Text\Object to

F2= Copy Selected Text\Object to

F3= Insert an Auto-text Entry

Shift + F3= Change the Case of Characters: Toggle (3)

F4= Change the Case of Characters(selected)\Repeat Last Action

Shift + F4= Repeat Find\Go To

F5= View the Find & Replace Menu

Shift + F5= Move to Last Change

F6= Switch Focus to Task Pane

Shift + F6= Move to Previous Pane\Frame

F7= Invoke Spell Check

Shift + F7= Move to Thesaurus\Research Task Pane

F8= Extend Selection Mode: Toggle

F9= Refresh\Update Selected Fields

Shift + F9= Switch Between Selected Field and its Results

F10= Move Focus to Menu

Shift + F10= View Shortcut Menu for Selected Item (right click menu)

F11= Move to Next Field

Shift + F11= Move to Previous Field

F12= View the Save As Menu

Shift + Down Arrow= Extends\Removes Selection Down by One Block of Text

Shift + Up Arrow= Extends\Removes Selection Up by One Block of Text

Shift + Left Arrow= Extends\Removes Selection Left by One Character

Shift + Right Arrow= Extends\Removes Selection Right by One Character

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