tk Computer Service

Keyboard Shortcuts

MS Windows

Alt + Enter= Properties for selected item\Right Mouse Click

Alt + Esc= Cycle Windows in Order of Opening

Alt + Tab= Cycle Between Open Windows

Alt + Spacebar= View the Control Menu

Alt + Spacebar + N= Minimize Current Window

Alt + Spacebar + R= Reduce Current Window

Alt + Spacebar + X= Maximize Current Window

Alt + (A-Z)= Corresponding Underlined Menu Command

Alt + D= Move Focus to Address Bar

Alt + F + A= View Save As Menu

Alt + F + P= Print the Current Window

Alt + S= Send Messages

Alt + F4= Close Current Window\Program

Ctrl + Alt + Delete= Open Task Manager

Ctrl + Alt + Delete + Delete= Force Shutdown\Restart

Ctrl + (Dragging a File\Folder)= Copy To

Ctrl + Shift + (Dragging a File\Folder)= Create Shortcut To

Ctrl + Tab= Cycle Forward Through Tab\Windows

Ctrl + Shift + Tab= Cycle Backward Through Tab\Windows

Ctrl + Shift + Spacebar= Have Narrator Read Text

Ctrl + Left Arrow= Move Cursor Left to Next Break

Ctrl + Right Arrow= Move Cursor Right to Next Break

Ctrl + Shift + Arrow Keys= Highlight\Remove Highlight to Next Break

Ctrl + Esc= Start Menu

Ctrl + F4= Close Child Window\Focus on Address Bar

Ctrl + A= Select All

Ctrl + B= Bold (Word, Wordpad & Etc.)

Ctrl + C= Copy

Ctrl + D= Delete Current Item

Ctrl + F= Find\Search Menu in Open Window

Ctrl + H= Replace Menu in Open Window

Ctrl + I= Italic (Word, Wordpad & Etc.)

Ctrl + V= Paste

Ctrl + N= New Window\File

Ctrl + O= Open File Menu

Ctrl + P= Print

Ctrl + S= Save

Ctrl + U= Underline (Word,Wordpad & Etc.)

Ctrl + V= Paste

Ctrl + W= Close Window

Ctrl + X= Cut

Ctrl + Z= Undo

(Hold) Right Shift (for 8 seconds)= FilterKeys: Toggle

Shift (5 times)= StickyKeys: Toggle

(Hold) Shift (while inserting CD)= By-Pass Autorun

Shift + Arrow Keys= Highlight\Remove Highlight One Space

Shift + Delete= By-Pass Trash (no undelete)

Shift + Ctrl + Esc= View Task Manager

Shift + Print Screen= Copy Screen to Clipboard

Left Arrow= Collapse Current Tree

Right Arrow= Collapse Current Tree

Arrow Keys= Move One Space

Backspace= Up 1 level\Back

Delete= Delete to Trash Can

Enter= Carry Out Current Command

Esc= Cancel\Close Menu

End= Move to End of Line\Window

Home= Move to Beginning of Line\Window

Spacebar= Check Check-box: Toggle

Tab= Cycle Forward Through Tab\Windows

Shift + Tab= Cycle Backward Through Tab\Windows

F1= Help

F2= Rename

F3= View Search Menu

F4= Focus on Address Bar

F5= Refresh

F6= Switch Between Panes

F10= Focus on Menu Bar\Text Select

Shift + F10= Emulate Right Mouse Click

F11= Toggle Full Screen

Win Key= Start Menu

Win Key + F1= View Help & Support

Win key + Tab= Cycle Through Current Task Bar Windows

Win key + Pause\Break= System Properties

Win Key + D= Show\Hide Desktop: Toggle

Win Key + E= Open Windows Explorer

Win Key + F= View Search Menu

Win Key + L= Lock User Desktop

Win Key +M= Minimize All Windows

Win key + Shift + M= Un-minimize All Windows

Win Key + R= View Run Menu

Win Key + U= View Utility Manager

A - Z= Moves to Next Item in Tree\Window that Starts with that Character

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