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Windows Tips & Tricks

How to Enter Safe Mode

In this Video I will show how Safe Mode can be accessed under the Windows Operating Systems XP through 10.

For Windows XP through Windows 7 repeatedly press the "F8" Key as soon as the Manufacturer's Logo\BIOS Splash Screen disappears. If done correctly the Advanced Boot Options Menu will appear. (select\high-light) the appropriate Choice and press the "Enter" Key. Most Users will select either "Safe Mode" or "Safe Mode with Networking".

For Windows 8 and above it will be necessary to use the System Configuration Utility (msconfig.exe). To do that, hold the Windows Key and (press) the "R" Key one Time or (select\click) the Start Button, then (select\click) the Windows System Folder (Windows 10), then (select\click) the Run Shortcut. Once the Run Menu is open, in the Open: Box type-in the Command "msconfig" and (press) the Enter Key. Now the System Configuration Utility will appear. Goto the Boot Tab and (select\click) the Version of Windows that will be restarted into Safe Mode, then (select\check) "Safe Boot" with a sub-selection of "Minimal". As with the Advanced Boot Menu, Safe Mode with Networking is available here too (sub-selection of "Network"). The only caveat of using the System Configuration Utility is once in Safe Mode the User will need to run "msconfig" and (un-select\un-check) "Safe Boot" and under the General Tab (un-select\un-check) "Selective Startup" then (select\check) "Normal Startup". If that isn't done the Computer will restart into Safe Mode again at the next Boot.

Requirements :
Administrator Privileges

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