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Windows 10 Tips & Tricks

Updating Microsoft Store Apps

Open the Microsoft Store App (click) The Profile Icon or the Program Menu (three Dots) and (select) Downloads and Updates. Once the Microsoft Store Downloads and Updates Window has opened, either (select\click) the Get Updates Button, then (select\click) the Pause All Link or just (select\click) the Pause All Link if the MS Store App has been set to automatically update. Now that automatic Installation\Download has been paused, look for two Programs\Apps, "App Installer" and "Microsoft Store". If Updates are ready for either, update those first. The MS Store App will restart once it has finished updating. After that, Update the rest of the Apps. I prefer to do them individually, for no other Reason than I seem to get through all the Updates quicker that way. Then, open "Windows (Defender) Firwall with Advanced Security", which can be found under the Windows Administrative Tools Folder of the Start Menu, and make sure the Updates have not changed any of the Firewall Settings in a manner that is different than desired. Windows 10, in an attempt to keep things running smoothly, will change the Firewall Settings to accomodate the Apps installed and provide Ease-of-use to the average User. That may be great for Most and unacceptable for Some.

Requirements: Windows 10, an Internet Connection, Administrator Privileges (…for Firewall)

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