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Windows 10 Tips & Tricks

How to Install Windows 10 (clean install) (quick tutorial)

This is an un-narrated quick Step-through of doing a Clean Install of Windows 10. A clean Installation of Windows is the act of installing Windows on a freshly created or formatted Hard Drive\Partition. The Applications and personal Files of the previously installed Copy of Windows will not be saved and all Settings will be returned to a default State. It is possible to install Windows on the same Partitionas an earlier Installation without formatting that Partition. That will, also, install Windows without backing-up any Files, Settings or Applications but will create a back-up of the old Installation, in most Cases. That Back-up will be held in a Folder called Windows.old inside of the new Installation.

Before starting the Installation, I would dis-connect the Computer from the Internet or any other Networks, un-less I was positive the Computer was behind a secure Firewall or UTM with Anti-virus Capabilities.

To start the Installation, make sure the Installation Media is connected to or inserted in the appropriate Drive before the Computer is turned-on. If using a DVD, then insert the DVD into its Drive and turn-off the Computer. The Computer's BIOS will need to be set to allow the Installation Device to be Booted from. The Boot Menu can be used to force a particular Device to be booted from, that Device being the Device that contains the Installation Media (DVD\USB).

Turn the Computer on and respond to the Action Message "Press a key to boot from CD or DVD", this may read USB. If there isn't a Partitioned Hard Drive found by Windows Setup, this Action Message may not be displayed at all. (Select) the Version of Windows to be installed, "Windows 10 Setup (64-bit)" or "Windows 10 Setup (32-bit)". Then wait for the Setup Files to load.

The first Windows Setup Dialog to appear will be the Language, Locale and Keyboard Settings. Make the proper Choices for the intended User or Use Case. Then (select\click) the Next Button. After that, (select\click) the Install Now Button.

Now, the Activate Windows Dialog will be shown. Enter a valid Product Key or (select\click) the "I don't have a product key" Link if the Computer has been activated by a previous Installation of Windows 10 or if a Trial Installation is desired. (note: Some Windows 7, 8 or 8.1 Product Keys maybe valid for use with Windows 10) Then, (select\click) the Next Button.

Agree to the License Terms (…if you do) and (select\check) "I accept the license terms", then (select\click) the Next Button.

The next Screen is the Type of Installation. Here is where the User can choose between an In-place Upgrade (Upgrade) or a Clean Installation (Custom), (select\click) "Custom: Install Windows only (advanced)". A Custom Install will allow the User three sub-Options, they are as follows:
A. Select the previous Installation Partition as the Install Site. This will install a new Version of Windows and move the old Version to the Windows.old Folder. Files and Programs will not be migrated and rolling-back the new Installation may be possible.
B. (Select) and (Delete) the previous Installation Partition\s, then (select) the non-partitioned Space for Installation. (Clean Install) (shown) This saves Nothing and doesn't allow the rolling-back of the new Installation to the old Installation.
C. (Select) another Hard Drive as the Installation Target. (can be a Clean Install, an Upgrade or dual-Boot) (note: the System Reserved Partition may be left or deleted per Installation Options and will need to reside on the Master Boot Device)

Choose the Hard Drive and\or Partition to install Windows on. If the Hard Drive has been formatted, just choose the Hard Drive itself. There's no need to create Partitions, un-less Size Control is needed or wanted. Windows Setup will automatically create the appropriate Partitions, if none exist. Then, (select\click) the Next Button.

Windows Setup will now start the Installation Process. (20 to 55 minutes) The Computer will restart several Times. No Action will be required by the User. Make sure to dis-regard the Action Message "Press any key to boot from CD or DVD (USB)" at this Point and beyond.

Next, set the initial Operating System Settings, (select\click) the Use Express Settings Button or (select\click) the "Customize settings" Link. These Setting can be changed after Installation.

Create a User Account for the PC. Enter a User Name, Password and Password Hint. Then, (select\click) the Next Button.

Welcome to Windows 10!


Secure (Windows Firewall Settings, update Windows Defender or install a third-party Anti-virus, adjust Sharing Settings and the available Protocols for any Network Adapters)

Activate (goto Settings, then System, then About or (right-click) This PC (Start Menu-Windows System-ThisPC), then (select\click) Properties and (select\click) Activate Windows)
*If Windows 10 has been previously activated on the PC and the Product Key is eligible for the Version Installed, it should automatically Activate once Internet Access is available.*

Update (Start Button-Settings-Updates & Security), (click\select) the Check for Updates Button.

For a better Experience setup Cortana, review the Privacy Settings and check the Computer Manufacturer's Website for Updates (be they for the Computer or for a specific Operating System)

For a Hardware & Software Manufacturers and Links to their Support Web-pages go here

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