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Firewall Tips & Tricks

Untangle UTM 9.0.3 - 9.4.1 : Block Entire Countries

*The newer Versions of Untangle now have a built-in Country Block Feature*
**The free Lists and the information in the Video is still of value. Blocking Countries by IP Address does not require the decryption of SSL Traffic to work.**
The Untangle UTM (Unified Threat Management) is a Linux-based Operating System designed to act as a comprehensive security solution. The Untangle UTM is available as a Hardware Appliance from Untangle or you can download an .iso image for installation on your own hardware (Bring Your Own Device). You will have the choice to use only Open Source Applications or purchase premium Applications offered by Untangle and their Partners. Some of the applications offered are a Stateful Packet Inspection Firewall (which is the subject of this video), Antivirus, VPN, Application Control, Captive Portal and much more. An Application Untangle doesn't have is a Country Block Application, which is an Application that allows the restriction of traffic to and from entire Countries. I will show, in this video, how I use the Firewall to implement this function. After Installation : Open your Web Browser and in the Address Bar type-in the address of the UTM. This will be a private non-routable address you chose during setup. Log-in to the UTM as Administrator. When the Appliance Rack appears scroll down to the Firewall and click the "Settings Button". To create a new Rule click the "Add Button" and set the parameters for your Rule (using the "Secondary Add Button\s"). You can do this as I show You in the video or to your own particular needs. I highly suggest You back-up your new Rules for later installation. Just in case a failure of some sort happens. I have, also, included an importable example Back-up File for your review, below.

*N.B.\Disclaimer - These Files are one of possibly many ways, under one computer's configuration, to configure the Firewall.
If you choose to download\use these examples, you do so AT YOUR OWN RISK.*

Example Firewall Rules :
Untangle Firewall Rules This is an example back-up of Firewall Rules for the Untangle Firewall. It shows how I use the Untangle Firewall to block entire Countries by IP Address Subnets. It is not complete by any stretch of the imagination, but there are many useful rules included in it. It is given as an example of the rules you may want to use in your Untangle Firewall. To use it, simply import it into your Untangle Firewall using Import Button.

External Links :
Untangle UTM Website
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