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Linux Tips & Tricks

Weather Report Setup with custom Radar Map

You'll need to make sure two packages are installed, libgweather & libgweather1. Many Linux distributions come with these packages pre-installed, so you may be able to skip package installation. If you are using Ubuntu or any other distribution that has the Software Center you can install them by using it. The hyperlinks below can be used to setup custom radar maps depending on your location.

Radar …provided by NOAA

National (3400x1600) (600x282)

Alaska Sector (600x571)

Hawaii Sector (600x571)

Pacific Northwest Sector (600x571)

Northern Rockies Sector (600x571)

Upper Mississippi Valley Sector (600x571)

Central Great Lakes Sector

Northeast Sector (600x571)

Pacific Southwest Sector (600x571)

Southern Rockies Sector (600x571)

South Plains Sector (600x571)

Southern Mississippi Valley Sector (600x571)

Southeast Sector (600x571)

You can also use other maps, not just these from NOAA, if their copyrights or terms of use allow you to do so. Look for a link to the animated gif of the map and copy and paste the link into Weather Report as shown above.

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