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Linux Scroll-thru : Mint (Cinnamon - 64-bit - v 18.3)

Linux Mint version 18.3 - 64 bit with the Cinnamon Desktop booted from a
Live Image is shown in the Video. A 32-bit version is available.
These Videos are a quick over-view, in an attempt to save People Time & Discs before choosing a version of Linux that best suits them.

Features & Requirements :

Cinnamon Desktop, Software Manager, Flatpak Support, Gnome Games, HiDPI Support, Long Term Support

Processor (…not stated), 1GB RAM, 15GB Disk Space 1024x768 capable Video Card, Sound Card (…shown on a 2.8 GHZ dual-core Intel Processor with 2 GB of RAM)
*I have run many Distributions of Linux on far less than the minimum suggested requirements. Always try, usually there's just a performance cost and some of your very precious Time.*

Download : here - approx. 1.8GB Download size. (ISO Format)

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