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How to Print Postage without Black Ink (eBay)

In this Video I'll show how I print Postage without using black Ink. Some Printers will allow the User to choose the Color they'd like to print in. If that's the Case, just make sure to print in any Colors other than Red, Yellow or any very light Color.

Once the Postage has been purchased, open the Postage in a Print Window, if that Option is available. The Reason for doing this is so the Postage can be captured by saving the actual Web Page with minimal attached asset Files (files that make-up the Web Page). In order to save the Web Page goto the Menu and (select\click) "Save Page as" (Google Chrome). Make sure the complete Web Page is being captured. Navigate to where the Web Page was saved and look for the Folder that contains the separate Files that make-up the Web Page. Once there, look for any .gif Files. One or more of those will be the actual Picture of the Postage. Open it in an Image Manipulation Program that will allow the User to select by Color, I use GIMP. Understand, this is Federal Postage and it may be illegal to change any of the Information contained in the Postage. I called and asked a Post Master if it was OK to change the color of the Postage. The Post Master told me, "its OK as long as no Information is change".

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