tk Computer Service

Keyboard Shortcuts

Internet Explorer

Alt + Enter= Open Address\Query in New Tab
(focus on address bar\search bar)

Alt + Home= Home Page\View First Page to Print

Alt + Left Arrow= Back a Page\View Previous Page to Print

Alt + Right Arrow= Forward a Page\View Next Page to Print

Alt + Up Arrow= Move Selected Item Up
(focus on organize favorites menu)

Alt + Down Arrow= Move Selected Item Down
(focus on organize favorites menu)

Alt + A= View Favorites Menu\Type the # of Page to Display

Alt + C= View Organize Favorites\Close Print Preview

Alt + D= Select Text in Address Bar

Alt + F= Frame Printing Options

Alt + H= View Help Menu

Alt + I= View All RSS Feeds
(focus on feed view)

Alt + J= View RSS Menu

Alt + L= View Help Menu

Alt + M= View Home Menu\Mark Feed as Read

Alt + O= View Tools Menu

Alt + P= View Page Menu\ViewPrintOptions

Alt + R= View Print Menu

Alt + S= View Safety Menu

Alt + T= View Tools Menu

Alt + U= Change Page Setup

Alt + Z= View Favorites Menu

Ctrl + Alt + F4= Close Other Tabs

Ctrl + (-)= Decrease Zoom

Ctrl + (+)= Increase Zoom

Ctrl + (0)zero= Reset Zoom

Ctrl + (1-8)= Select Tab #

Ctrl + (9)= Select Last Tab

Ctrl + Left Arrow= Move Cursor Left to Next Break in Address
(focus on address bar)

Ctrl + Right Arrow= Move Cursor Right to Next Break in Address
(focus on address bar)

Ctrl + Down Arrow= Manage Search Engines
(focus on search bar)

Ctrl + (Mouse-Click)= Open Link in New Tab (background)

Ctrl + Shift + (Mouse-Click)= Open Link in New Tab (foreground)

Ctrl + Enter= Complete .com Address
(focus on address bar)

Ctrl + Tab= Next Tab

Ctrl + Shift + Tab= Previous Tab

Ctrl + F5= Reload
(over-ride cache)

Ctrl + A= Select All

Ctrl + B= Organize Bookmarks

Ctrl + C= Copy

Ctrl + D= Add Bookmark

Ctrl + E= SearchBar

Ctrl + F= Find

Ctrl + Shift + F= View In Private Filtering Menu

Ctrl + G= Find Again

Ctrl + H= View History

Ctrl + I= View Favorites

Ctrl + J= View Feeds

Ctrl + Shift + J= View Feeds in Browser Window

Ctrl + K= Duplicate Tab

Ctrl + L= Open a File or Page

Ctrl + N= Open New Window

Ctrl + O= Open a File or Page

Ctrl + P= Print

Ctrl + Shift + P= New Private Browsing Window

Ctrl + Q= Quick Tabs (thumbnail view): Toggle

Ctrl + R= Reload\Reply to Sender

Ctrl + S= Save Current Page

Ctrl + T= New Tab

Ctrl + Shift + T= Undo Close Tab

Ctrl + V= Paste

Ctrl + W= Close Tab\Close Window

Ctrl + X= Cut

Ctrl + Y= Redo

Ctrl + Z= Undo

Ctrl + Mouse-Wheel= Zoom Document

Del= Delete

Ctrl + Shift + Del= Clear Browser Cache

Backspace= Back a Page

Shift + Backspace= Forward a Page

End= Bottom of Page

Home= Top of Page

Esc= Stop Current Action

Enter= Activate Current Focus

Tab= Next Frame\Browser Element

Shift + Tab= Previous Frame\Browser Element

Up Arrow= Scroll Up Page

Down Arrow= Scroll Down Page

Page Up= Scroll Up one Whole Screen

Page Down= Scroll Down one Whole Screen

F1= Help

F3= Find Again

F4= List Addresses Typed
(focus on address bar)

F5= Reload Page

F6= Next Frame\Browser Element

Shift + F6= Previous Frame

F7= Caret Browsing

Shift + F10= Display Shortcut Menu for Links

F11= Full Screen: Toggle

F12= View Developer Tools

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