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Free Software & Web Services

Free Software

Acronis #CyberFit Score - (IT Security Assessment Tool)

Active@ Disk Image - (Disk Imaging)

Advanced Renamer - (File Renaming Utility)

Audacity - (Free Audio Editor)

Belarc Advisor - (Free Personal PC Audit)

BleachBit - (Temporary File Cleaning Tool)

Blender 3D - (3D Content Creation)

CoreFTP - (Free FTP client software for Windows)

DBAN - (Free Open-Source Data Wiping Software for Personal Use)
How-to for using DBAN (DBAN is not for SSDs) Hard Drive Tools : DBAN

GIMP - (Free Photo Editing Program)

IrfanView - (A free image viewer, editor, organiser & converter)

Malwarebytes - (Malware Removal Tool)

McAfee Stinger - (Virus Removal Tool)

OPNsense - (Open Source Firewall)

PeaZip - (Compression Software)

Rufus - (Create Bootable USB Drives)

ShotCut - (Video Editor)

Visual Studio Community - ( Programming IDE)

Visual Studio Code - (Light-weight Programming IDE)

VirtualDub - (A Video Capture & Processing Utility)

Get VLC media player

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Free Services

Gibson Research Corporation - (Freeware & Webware)

Spellcheck24 - (Webware)

TextFixer - (Webware)

CodePen - (Webware)

000Webhost - (Free Web Hosting Service)

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