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Increase the efficiency of any AntiMalware Program

In this Video I'm going to demonstrate how to increase the efficiency of any installed AntiVirus or AntiMalware Program\Solution. If a Computer Virus is already present on the System, a total Operating System Re-install is the only way to ensure the Computer is clean. Even then, if the Malware has invaded any Firmware or the BIOS, the Computer may still not be free of the malicious Code. The reason for doing the things I show in this Video is to try and ensure any Files backed-up from the infected PC are as clean as possible. These steps will, also, increase the chances of "breaking" the Malware to allow better detection and\or removal by an Antimalware Solution. There-by minimizing the chance of re-infection when any backed-up Files are returned to the fresh Installation of the Operating System. Do not return any backed-up Files to the new Installation until the Operating System is fully updated and an AntiMalware Solution is installed and fully updated.

The very first thing to do, is to make sure any AntiMalware or AntiVirus Solution installed is up-to-date. The vast majority of malicious Code will try to keep any AntiMalware\AntiVirus Solutions from properly updating. That will usually keep those Solutions from disabling, removing or even detecting the malicious Code. First, try to update any Antimalware Programs normally. If that doesn't work, try booting into Safe Mode with Networking and then updating the AntiMalware Solution. If the AntiMalware\AntiVirus still refuses to update, try downloading the Definitions and\or Updates for the Program from the Vendor's Web Site. Most AntiMalware\AntiVirus Vendors will allow this and have a place on their Web Site where the Definitions and Updates can be acquired.

Once all of the AntiMalware Programs installed are up-to-date, I'd dis-connect the infected Computer from all Networks and other Computers. Make sure it's …

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