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Computer Security : ESET SysRescue Live - Free Anti-malware Solution

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In this Video I highlight ESET's SysyRescue Live CD. It's a bootable anti-malware solution. It's free! The version shown in this Video is Download and create the CD\DVD from the ISO Image. Then, with the newly created Disc still in the Drive, re-boot the Computer. Make sure the Computer is set to boot from the CD\DVD Drive or use the Boot Menu to select the CD\DVD Drive as the Boot Device. To access the Boot Menu, press either the F2, F12, Delete or Esc Key as soon as the Manufacturer's Splash Screen disappears. The actual Key to access the Boot Menu may be different on your System, but the previously listed are the most common.

When the ESET SysRescue Start-up Menu appears, (select) "Run ESET SysRescue" and press the Enter Key. That will start ESET SysRescue. Make sure the Computer has Internet Access at this time, so the Program can check for the latest Virus Definition available.

The entire How-to\Article can be found here.

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