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Self-Serve: Windows XP : Iconless Desktop

I like a clean desktop, but, I really like being able to get to my programs without going to the Start Menu. So, I use the Desktop Toolbar and then hide the icons on the desktop. Boom! Got cake and eatin' it too. * Make sure the Task Bar is unlocked. * (right-click) an empty area of the Task Bar >>> Toolbars >>> Desktop. Now, the Desktop Toolbar will appear in the Task Bar. (right-click and hold) the Desktop Toolbar and drag it to the top, left or right side of the screen. It can, also, be expanded in the Task Bar. The Desktop Toolbar has several options, access these by right-clicking an empty area of the toolbar itself. To hide the icons on the desktop, (right-click) an empty area of the Desktop >>> Arrange Icons By >>> (uncheck) Show Desktop Icons.

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