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Self-Serve: The Autonomous Vehicle: All-in!

This is a very good talk on the Autonomous Vehicle. It's alitte strange to Me as to why the CFR hosted it, but "hey". A totally autonomous Car, in my opinion, is neither needed or achievable. They (the experts) also seem to believe Everyone is suddenly going to share their Cars. To call that train-of-thought plausible, would be to give it validity where it has none. People are private by Nature and the Trend of sharing a Car, will never be. There is the Question of the Disabled and how to best include them in the World with less restriction on their Freedom. In my opinion, the Goals should be on Safety and Access. There should be two Objectives:
1: Reduce Highway-Deaths.
2: Allow access to All.
The Notions of Cars talking to one another, total Vehicle-Awareness and all the other lofty Hopes just aren't needed or possible. The problems involved in AI and Environmental Data Collection and Computation are made-up of infinite Data and are, there-fore, non-programmable.
Some may dis-agree with Me, but I'd ask them, "How do you program a variable Data Type Variable that may remain constant?". Maybe, I'm showing my Ignorance, but I don't think so. There are some Languages that can deal with changing Data Types, if I remember correctly, but not at the scale needed. The focus needs to remain on the Variables that are definable, both in Programming and thought. The idea of Augmented Reality needs to be moved to a reality of Augmented Ability. More Freedom, not less Control. In the End and for now, I think We need to solve the basics and allow the Industry and Technology to self-evolve. That's how it's going to be, to fight that just slows Innovation down.