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tk Computer Service offer's personal, polite & timely Service to all our Customers. This Website contains Descriptions of our Services, Prices and Methods. It, also, contains a variety of Information, Links & Recommendations. Please, enjoy it and "Thank You" for stopping-by! the area? try the "Local Area Info & Search"

TWiT : Triangulation

Becky Worley is a Producer, Host, Reporter, cum laude Graduate, Mom, Sports Enthusiast & all-around awesome Human Being. I had the personal fortune to be able to interact with Becky through the TWiT Network and if I said, "I quickly became infected by her Presence", it'd be the understatement of the last hundred Years. Becky is fun, exciting and very sharp, but most of all she's one of those People that just make You feel better when they're around. I think Ms. Worley is, also, a very important example to "Girls" in Tech. Becky has clearly shown it may be a man's World, but it's everyone's Technology. With all THAT said, the thing I love most about Becky is: She reminds Me there is no such thing as an immovable Object, there are only unstoppable Forces.

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