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Self-Serve: The HeartBleed Bug

I wanted to address the recent HeartBleed Web Encryption Vulnerability.
First, Who's at risk? Potentially, in-short, Everyone. Anything that uses the openSSL v1.0.1 - v1.0.1f Software to secure their Traffic is vulnerable. This can be from Web Servers to UTMs, Routers to anything else that encrypts and serves Traffic using these flawed Versions of openSSL.
What can You do? Several Things: Give the affected Websites, Routers and (?) time to patch their Systems. Look for and apply Updates for your Hardware and Software. After You feel like enough time has pasted or you've used Online Resources to make sure the affected Web Sites and\or Web Services have been fixed, change all your Passwords. Yes, All of Them. Follow the Direction in the Video above. Then keep an eye on all Your Accounts, Web or otherwise for strange activity of any type.